Filipa Bragança


It is with immense sadness that we learnt of the death of Filipa in October 2016. Filipa was the first actress to play France Brel and was in the middle of a world tour at the time of her death. Filipa was such a lovely person and an incredible actress who brought so much to the role and quite rightly was snapped up soon after our show to perform in what was to become a hugely successful world tour. We were so proud of her success, although it meant we had to let her go! She was one of those people who seemed unaware of how truly talented she was but who we all knew would go far.

The first time I met Filipa, I walked in on her warming up for her audition and she jumped, thinking I was going to tell her off for being too loud. I had to tell her, I was only nipping in to make a cup of tea! As an auditionee, she stuck firmly in my mind after declaring she was going to steal our rare copy of a compilation of Brel's sheet music and thanking us as she left, saying that even if she didn't get the job, she'd had a lovely time!

Filipa was warm, kind and funny and was always very tolerant of my attempts at vegan baking! She quickly became a member of our family and as a family and a company, we are devastated by her loss. An award has been named in her honour at the Edinburgh Fringe and it will be an immensely prestigious prize for whomever receives it.

We send our love and affection to her family, who we knew were and are incredibly proud of her. She shall never be forgotten.

Nicola Chegwin

Company Director