Far West Theatre was established in 2015 as the vehicle for the show “Jacques Brel : A Life a Thousand Times”, written by company director Simon Pennicott.  The name is taken from Brel’s 1973 film “Le Far West”, an inspirational tale of adults who decide to go in search of their childhood dreams, however impractical and quirky they may seem.  That is the essence behind Far West Theatre ;  the company was established at a time when it seemed totally impractical to carry on with a particular dream, but, as Brel himself said “You have to be reckless and crazy.  Even it if is impossible.  Especially if it is impossible”. 


The company aims to produce high quality theatre that serves as a great experience for everyone involved.  We try to make theatre inclusive, working with new talent in all areas of acting, directing and stage management and many people who work with us have only recently graduated or are still studying.  We also try to make the ticket price for our shows affordable, including extras (such as free drinks) where possible, to encourage people to come.


“Jacques Brel : A Life a Thousand Times” (then “Une Vie a Mille Temps) premiered at the Buxton Fringe Festival in July 2015.  It was wonderfully received by audiences and was even nominated for Best Show at the Fringe Awards.  In 2016, the show returned to the Buxton Fringe in July, coupled with a short run at the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester and won glowing reviews. 

This year, we are touring the show, performing at Oldham Library Theatre, The Room Upstairs at Redditch Palace Theatre, as well as being welcomed back to our Alma Mata - The Green Man Gallery, Buxton.

Our plans do not stop there! We hope to take the show to London and Edinburgh and we also have the desire to take the show abroad in the future, France, Belgium and even the USA.  This of course all depends on our success in achieving funding and sponsorship, and we are always looking for generous people to help with this.  You can find our Crowd Funding page here 


Jacques Brel, Writer & Company Founder






Company Director